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Italian Dolomites & Mediterrainean
Italy consists of a mountainous mainland in the north projecting southwards, boot-shaped into its Mediterrainean Peninsula with adjoining islands.

The traveller in Italy will experience everchanging contrast of the different regions, specially when travelling from the mountainous Alpines towards the peninsula in the south. The River Po is sourcing its supplies from the Alpine Regions and runs southwards through the North Italian Plain. The climate in the Alpine Region varies according to the altitude and the lakes experience mild winters, though the mountains are snow-covered. Mild winters can be experienced  further in the south. The Italian  mainland can be devided into five major regions in addtion, the islands of Sicily and Sardinia. The Alpine Ranges curve around the North Italian Plain and the frontiers with France, Switzerland and Austria. Apart from these ridges, Italy also has the Bergamo Alps in the centre and the Dolomites in the east. The North Italian Plain extends from the Alpine foothills in the west to the Adriatic Sea.
The Appenines consists of mountain ranges which extend for about 600 miles in the north. The West Coast hosts the wellknown Italian Riviera with its many international resorts. The East Coast Plain a Adriatic coast which is well cultivated and densely populated. The Island of Sicily is seperated by the Strait of Messina from Mainland Italy. Sardinia remains thinly populated and is Italy's  warmest region. Italy with its many beautiful and historic cities, including Rome, Venice, San Remo, Milan, Florence, Verona and Pisa has much to offer.

Rome the acient pulsating metropolitan city with its great past and a dynamic present and being one of the worlds most beautiful cities is a 'must see'. The great Italian sceneries will delight  and inspire any artist's imagination. No wonder not few Italian paintings got world famous. Italy also has great food and shopping is an experience. Entertaining artists across Italy esure a brilliant visit with lasting memories. For example the Verona Opera at the magnificent Roman arena of Verona is a real spectacle when sitting in warm night air and enjoying the electric atmosphere of the Verona Opera. For nature lovers the beautiful northern Italian lakes like Garda, Orta and others with crystal clear waters, or the breathtaking panorama of the lower Alps and Dolomites will be a great experience. Specially Lake Garda offers a dramatic con- trasting landscape domina-ted by the Dolomites in the North and the plains in the South.
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Tuscany, Italy

Video Tour of the beautiful Tuscany Region in Italy. A very popular holiday destination for  Europeans
The Mediterrainean
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Italian Dolomites & Mediterrainean